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    My home, Africa. My home sweet home, The home that birthed the strong “African woman“, The one that is taught to “work hard”. Hard enough to take care of her home from the second she can breathe, patient enough to put everyone else before her, humble enough to express herself a little as possible, so [...] Continue Reading
  • SOLITUDE by Emmanuel Achusim

    For me, when ever I think of Space, landscape , wildernesses , seashores and skies the word that comes to my mind is FREEDOM, photographing this series felt amazing, the Solitude made me feel like I had everything under control, from the wind to the clouds and even my free spirited model Jazzmine. Curated by [...] Continue Reading
  • Lupercalia by Thompson Ekong

    “My definition of feelings seems to urge my camera to places I normally won’t thread.  Here, I’ve taken my dose of lessons learnt by heart and those written by the world to create something, sort of a script to my len’s interpretation of human emotions, the subject of our beings very intellect, the action of [...] Continue Reading
  • DIARY OF KAWTHAR By Aisha Williams

    Inspired by the architecture and prints of Morocco and its medieval towns. This series is a representation of colours prominent in the Northern African Country from the sandy beiges cities to the blue corner doors. The styling is one of a modern tourist borrowing influence from the culture with long flowing aesthetics and babouches. It […]

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  • THE CUNNING OF MY DARKNESS by Ibidunni Damilola

    I have been reminded that my humanity was forged in the dwellings of heaven but for what purpose am I an inhabitant of this severe and cruel world? As the thoughts of my mind and body unfold, my human conceptions become heightened. In that moment, I witness the forces of the universe become my rival. Friend after […]

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    Somethings hide better under bare skins, and remain oblivious to common eyes. Same way personalities and characters are covered up by the society’s interpretation of the regular. To be thirsty for the truth is to look past book covers and dig into the pages of ones real self, and accept the idea that we all […]

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  • Vast by Chuka Nwobi

    VAST “This is an expression of the individual and change. Emotionally and physically in search of human solace”   I have embarked on a journey I have carried everything but yet have nothing I have left a piece of me behind A pound of flesh that cannot be sown back My mind urges, my eyes […]

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  • It Starts With Your Name

    Someone telling you how to pronounce your name Is like them telling you how to breathe The essence of your breath More than just phonetics An attempt to redefine you A redefinition you did not ask for And when you are hostile to this takeover Surprise bubbles Shocked at your resistance Amazed that you are [...] Continue Reading
  • My Mother Did Not Give Me Her Tongue

    My mother did not give me her tongue And so: from time to time I borrow it Tiptoeing around so she doesn't notice my theft I know she won't mind Yet before entering her space I wait for her to leave I guess if she knows that I want it Crave it Like it's my [...] Continue Reading