They found her tangled in the fisherman’s nets. But she did not come from this place. Ripped from the depths, with limbs long and slender, she was wrapped in all that they had once discarded.


‘Land’ they called it. As she took her first steps on the pier, her eyes roamed free across the new world around her. Eyes wide with misery and understanding.


She spoke of her home in the deep. Where at one time they had used the ocean’s offerings as resources. To shelter, to sustain, to re-purpose. Only now, the sea had little to offer them…all that came now was the plastic…the waste.


It began piece by piece but was soon filling up their homes. Those that might flee only found more of it elsewhere—for under the waves it was everywhere.

Now, firmly on land, she stared at the creators of her sorrow.
She realized there was no escape.

Creative Credits

Creative Direction + Photography: Araba Ankuma / @arabaankuma
Styling: Sackitey Tesa / @sackiteytesa
Model: Anastasia / @tasiacobbinah
BTS: Shalomibrahimyusef
Skirt construction: Students of the James Town Gbekebii school
Top construction: Sackitey Tesa /@sackiteytesa