“Dolapo,” is a mesmerizing series of portraits captured by Ngozi Ejionueme. It offers us a multifaceted perspective of Moyosore Olagunju, who takes the center stage in a stunningly stylish outfit.


As we delve into this captivating visual journey, we discover how the perfect collaboration between Moyosore and Style by Iphie resulted in a series that embodies confidence and elegance. From head to toe, every detail of Moyosore’s attire was meticulously curated, creating a visual symphony that seamlessly weaves together elements of fashion and art.


What’s immediately evident in “Dolapo” is the unmistakable air of confidence and elegance that surrounds Moyosore. To enhance this allure, striking jewelry takes center stage, adding depth and character to the ensemble. It’s a reminder that style isn’t just about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it, and the confidence with which you do so.


As we explore the complete visual story of “Dolapo”, we are reminded that confidence and elegance are the ultimate accessories to any outfit.

Dolapo | Few Models - Ngozi Ejionueme
Dolapo | Few Models - Ngozi Ejionueme
Dolapo | Few Models - Ngozi Ejionueme
Dolapo | Few Models - Ngozi Ejionueme
Creative Credits

Photography: Ngozi Ejionueme @ngozieme

Muse: Moyosore Olagunju @moyosoreolagunju

Styling: Style by Iphie @stylebyiphie 

Hair & Makeup: Obidike Uchechukwu @facesbymaraan 

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