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    AFRO+PUNK is an autobiographical editorial project depicting a journey through the exploration of black identities in the alternative community and the struggles and complexities faced whilst in the middle. Inspired by Grace Wales Bonner, Adam Pendleton and Basquiat, this project provocatively addresses identity, race and sexuality through symbolism and a small essay piece in hope [...] Continue Reading

    "IDAKEJI, the word means opposite in Yoruba, one of the major languages in Nigeria. We live in a country where, marching to the beat of your own drum is frowned upon because you are expected to conform. We refuse to."⁠ CREDITS Photographer: Niyi Okeowo @niyiokeowostudio Photography assistant: Olasunkanmi Iroko @olasunkanmi_iroko Stylists: Nkem Juma @theoneandonlynoj  for @thenojcompany Sindara Dada @sindara.xx for @thenojcompany Models: [...] Continue Reading

    My home, Africa. My home sweet home, The home that birthed the strong “African woman“, The one that is taught to “work hard”. Hard enough to take care of her home from the second she can breathe, patient enough to put everyone else before her, humble enough to express herself a little as possible, so [...] Continue Reading
  • Visual Story: ABSORPTION

    In the words of the artist "What is black? Historically, it has been the symbolic color of dignity and authority, and for this reason is still commonly worn by judges. Fashionably, it is a statement. Culturally, it is the blueprint. But personally? Black is Art. Power. Strength. Rich. Majestic. Polished. Intricate. And so much more." [...] Continue Reading
  • Rise In Light

    Alton Mason in collaboration with creative platform Melanin Unscripted has released the short film and social impact campaign “Rise in Light” with an aim to shed light on one of the darkest corners of the world, and provide relief to children and families in Lagos, Nigeria affected by COVID-19. Having exceeded its initial goal to [...] Continue Reading
  • Artist Features | DAP The Contract – Powers

    Uber talented Nigerian rapper in diaspora, DAP THE CONTRACT,  produced, wrote and recorded this amazing new project "Powers Vol 1". Weaving cultural references, the project reflects a fine juxtaposition of classical and trap music. In the single, "Lights", he sings a Latin prayer translated to English, whilst melodiously carrying us along on his journey as [...] Continue Reading

    I am Siphelele, A warrior, Princess, Nubian goddess, I represent every woman who’s ever been made to believe that because she’s female she can’t be certain things and she has to conform! I have no limits, You have no limits, I am Sipelele I am complete. I am woman. Siphelele We are complete. Concept: Retaune [...] Continue Reading
  • ALVA

    “I often wonder when I will be free. I’ve been trapped here for so long, I have been trapped by my emotions. They were once at my control but now hold me at ransom. Set me free, let me fly and be free.” In a clash of Dance, Film and Fashion three creatives present ”ALVA”, [...] Continue Reading
  • Orangeculture: School of Rejects ’17

    Brand : OrangeCulture Continue Reading
  • My ghosts at the shores of Badagry

    My ghosts are not gone, they come here and make jokes with the waves about the life i live Carelessly twisting the beautiful midnight tunes, that help my gentle soul sleep. But welcome to my dream, a foolish space with vain aspirations and unsympathetic thoughts Dark shadows come here a lot to fly free from [...] Continue Reading