...A Neo African Encounter

OSENGWA is an occasion to see, hear and experience the new generation of artists birthed from the African continent and influenced by global culture as it continuously evolves. OSENGWA is contemporary African art, music, clothing and design at its most lovingly and expertly curated, providing a one-of-a-kind platform for immersion in the Neo-African cultural movement. We are the future of African contemporary art, curating and consulting for discerning art lovers of today.


Originating from the language of the Itsekiri people of southern Nigeria, the literal translation of the word ‘OSENGWA’ is ‘it is beautiful’. At its core, OSENGWA is a cultural hub showcasing exceptionally beautiful creations of African origin. We lend our eye and our artistic heart to collectors, fashion and art buyers, gallerists, and purveyors of beauty at the scale of the moment, keeping our community in the loop of what’s beautiful now and always.


OSENGWA offers both revenue and recognition to Neo-African artists, while meeting the increasing international demand for quality products and experiences of African origin. We provide an original and enjoyable platform for discovery, enlightenment and artistic gratification in the Neo-African space, with a future-forward perspective that guarantees that we are always at the centre of what is contemporary and what is African.


The artists and brands featured on OSENGWA are innovative, intriguing and inspired. In showcasing work of such high caliber, OSENGWA serves as a cross-cultural space where artists can share the fruits of their creative processes. OSENGWA recognizes established artists with a following and also provides a platform for emerging artists to flourish.

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