“My definition of feelings seems to urge my camera to places I normally won’t thread. Here, I’ve taken my dose of lessons learnt by heart and those written by the world to create something, sort of a script to my lens interpretation of human emotions, the subject of our beings’ very intellect, the action of love. BA and I once again presented to the world a story visually, enjoy.”

Understanding how cryptic love can move humanity into orthodox actions sets a theme for exploring.

Of faunus stripped with disregard My beliefs are estranged and spiraled Your way, I distort Minotaur strike me, so my womb may not rot


Anthony and Augustus squabble Our culture wobbles The covert Valentines take advantage And gave our feast another vantage


Lupa made the twins great Her milk is Rome She eases my seed to life My milk is his home.


Bleed red Of pain and happiness I am a woman of standing Luperci, with your clad instill the gods in me


Piece me with your whip Feeble signals of affections cannot heal my soul Roses cannot fill my hole Peace has never existed within me


The permanent scars, hope anew Falling to the gods in glory Gelacius himself is not this holy My pains are yours and your pain is mine.


Curse your invalidation Andromachus shall prevail Shame you, vandal Curse your sacrilegious change


Enraged, accursed to be alone My heart needs a companion whether it be once every spring Lupercalia has weakened me with dependence Valentine offers me his soul so that I may be liberated.

Creative Credits

Photography and Poetry by Thompson Ekong
Curated by Urbane Coven