“This is an expression of the individual and change. Emotionally and physically in search of human solace”


I have embarked on a journey
I have carried everything but yet have nothing
I have left a piece of me behind
A pound of flesh that cannot be sown back
My mind urges, my eyes look forward but my heart yearns for my soul to return
I cannot go back not because I don’t want to but because I can’t
The despair of what left me has crawled up my body, creeping up my skin like a cancer spreading through my temple
With every sun I witness and every moon I pass, I understand that I have taken another step forward, moving towards nowhere where I might find somewhere
Where I might find a mirage of what I had
Where I might find the love I once had but never held
With life and time as my fuel of transport I keep my eyes forward
I keep my eyes on the journey I have been birthed into
Leaving everything behind
Leaving her behind.


Feeling the frisk sprinkles of dirt mixing with hers causing a mental friction only we could hear
The wind spreading wings over the stubborn strands of hair that decided to build densely populated scrapers on my head
Watching the immaculate undertone leaves producing both breath and silence
I appreciate the banished plant which braces the atmosphere with its Ora beauty
I admire the hot sand beneath my naked feet
My toes are buried deep inside the belly of the sand squinting at every movement


I’m searching for something, I don’t know what it is.
But when I find it I would know.
When I hold it I would understand. When I tighten my grip around it I recognize it.
My life has taken its own twisted fantasy turn and my heart just stays there phasing around and moving like an oversensitive teenager
I’m tired of all this drama.
I’m tired of having no meaning .
No sense of self consciousness.
I want something better.
I want it



I am searching through the vast expanse of my journey
Wandering what I can find
Looking through the moments of my past and present
Excited by only one temporal moment
I have become a wanderer
A scavenger searching for something so precious
In the midst of filthy ruins
I have lost a muskeg in the spread of the sand
My feel seat to the smirk of the ash
I fall
On both knees I rest my hands on the ground
My back arched and my blackhead facing the sun
I can see my sha down stained with sweat drops of my anguish
I can feel the Sam creep up my nails
The heat of the ground burn my feet
Am I lost or still waiting to be found

Creative Credits

Created by Nwobi Chukwuka
Photographed by Jimi Agboola
Mused by Leoso Pelumi

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