What happens when all else fails? 


What is a life without vision? 


These are the questions all men must answer. For me, these visions make me who I am.


Although the visions of other men who came before me from my ancestral deities my spirit father Ogun and Olokun. 


And although in modern times his visions were found to be vile and cruel, the great Niccolo Machiavelli understood the meaning of power and how to maintain it. 


To the rulers of the Ancient Benin Empire, to all the Obas of old like the great king Oba Akenzua, to the rulers of new Benin with leaders like Oba Ewuare II. Men who valued the people overpower.


To the men who inspired my military mindset, Anini, the real Generals Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie. Jah Rastafari! 


To men of peace, from the vision of a small Indian man, wrapped in white cloth a man who desired peace in his nation above all things, Mahatma Gandhi. 


And the man who brought peace through chords, lyrics and ganja leaves the Highest of the Highest, Bob Marley. 


To the men who revolted against the ruling class and fought for the rights of the people, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Who charted the way for generations of Nigerian revolutionaries.


I have followed in the footsteps of great men each with his own hamartia, a fatal flaw as all men are fallible albeit exceedingly powerful in their own right.


These men formed the roots of the man that stands before you today, with creativity that goes beyond the superficial nature of things, challenging notions of masculinity through my style. 


My attitude, style and demeanour are all ROOTED in my Visions. 


Of the man I was, the man I am and the man I am yet to be.

Creative Credits

Muse, Director, Stylist: Valentino Emwin/ @attile_

Videographer: Martin Wheeler/ @montywheels

Director & Edits: Rob Prochnow/ @robprochnow

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