Woven is a dance photo editorial which tells the story of the long awaited wish denied us – UNITY, CHANGE & TRANSPARENCY.
The key elements in this editorial merges two distinct dance styles – ballet & contortion into one beautiful piece, explaining the possibility of tribes unifying no matter the differences. It goes without saying that just as we try to focus on unity and transparency and the bond of brotherhood, we are focused on virtues that unite us, and less on the vices that drive a wedge between us.
We are saying no matter who or what you are, you are my brother, I am your brother, we are family, and there is almost nothing we can’t achieve if we put aside differences and focus on strengths. We are also reminded of our uniqueness – being aware that we don’t have to tear others down because we look, sound, think differently. Focusing on the bigger picture of prosperity and strength through harmony and diversity, we are sure there is no mountains we can’t climb, no corruption we can’t root out, no future we can’t build.
Creative Credits

Directed, Styled and Photographed: Bernhard Amankwah @coffee_session.art

Models: Plucky Lucky @plucky.lucky @smokehimself

Writeup Synopsis: @samueloscar_ugoh 

Ga Audio Poetry: Gabriel Obodai Torgbor-Ashong

Main Poetry Sampled from Sandra Feldman & Rose Marie Juan – Austin