SOFT - Bethany Morrison

In a world often dictated by fleeting trends and the pressures of conformity, Bethany Morrison emerges as a vibrant testament to embracing one’s unique style and celebrating the essence of self-expression.


In the backdrop of her retro-inspired living room, Bethany masterfully flaunts her distinctive big afro with an irresistible charm and an impeccable fashion sense, exuding a touch of 70s glamour. Bethany’s presence is a harmonious blend of strength and gentleness that serves as an ever-relevant reminder that beauty transcends the conventional norms that society often imposes.


As she strides with unwavering confidence and reveals her daring thigh power, Bethany’s audacious spirit serves as an impassioned call to embrace our individuality and to recognize the inherent beauty in being true to oneself.

SOFT - Bethany Morrison
SOFT - Bethany Morrison

About the Artist

In just two years, Bethany’s modeling career has soared, featuring in campaigns for Ulta Beauty, Refinery29, and Vogue. Her journey, though challenging, is driven by a higher purpose. She emphasizes trusting one’s unique path, not comparing timelines, and enduring setbacks. Bethany sees herself as multifaceted, aiming to make a positive impact on the world.

Creative Credits

Model/Creative Direction: Bethany Morrison / @betaniarenee

Photographer: Braylen Dion / @braylendion

Stylist: Anfernee J. @anf.thecreator

MUA: Melissa Drouillard / @livelifemelissa

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