Oyibo Juju is an exploration around the idea that all our art and ways of expression were diabolical (juju) causing us to hate and neglect our culture.


With Oyibo Juju, I am reimagining how old African Art is viewed; presenting them in a modern and colorful way, especially for a younger audience.

Oyibo Juju is an infusion of cutouts of old African art combined with a variation of a design style called Baugasm, using photoshop (which is a product of technology, aka Oyibo juju).


With Oyibo Juju I hope to not only give old African Art a modern facelift but also indirectly reach people who will be curious enough to want to go look into/study African Art after seeing posters from this series thereby influencing pop culture and fostering an increased appreciation for African Art.

Creative Credits

 Design by Runor Jiroma / @orunor

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