Thrift Collector
Osusu III - Lawal Mayowa


“We have to be fast about this as I have lots of money contributors to attend to this morning,” the thrift collector (or osusu) said.


Trademarked with a bag strapped across their shoulder containing logbooks along with a pack of contribution cards.


With no computer knowledge, not to talk of using a balance sheet or running a spreadsheet, but always good with counting and keeping money.

Each participant in an Osusu takes turns using the money until everyone has had an opportunity to do so. Once everyone has completed their part, the group can either stop utilizing the Osusu or start over.


Their fame embodies honesty, faithfulness and the true spirit of the industry.

Osusu I - Lawal Mayowa
Osusu II - Lawal Mayowa

About the Artist

Mayowa Lawal is a multi genre artist primarily because he explores multiple forms and approaches in creating art or expressing concepts in his art pieces to suit his mind aesthetics.

He leverages his background as a muse which constantly influences his body being utilized as a tool  to weave or wrap alternate visions of myself or visions idealized in his conscious and subconscious.

His artistic practice explores the landscape of the African native print or dutch wax print also known as ANKARA. Birthing the romance between art, style and color.

The pain of inability to express verbally is a constant motivation to keep doing so through visual arts and writings. He hopes the nature of his artistic practice acts as an entry point into his life and also to individuals who resonate with his art.

Creative Credits

Styling and Visuals by @lawalmayowa

Quote: Alajo Shomolu (Balogun Adenaike)

Muse: Abdullahi Kolawole

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