Orange Culture continues its story book with a unique dynamic to love. Creative director, Adebayo Oke Lawal takes personal shots of 2/3 of the Adepetun brothers in OC pieces; Ademide Adepetun and Denola Adepetun. Orange Culture celebrates their bond and finds their journey truly inspiring. In the process of this shoot, conversations happen that lead to a better understanding of the siblings as they relate their lives chronicled vaguely by Keside Anosike

“There is no slipping out of character between us. I am me, as I am first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep every night. He is, just as he is- as I know him to be, as the clock fulfills its daily agenda of shifting time. There is no need to be someone else when you are sure you are loved.”

Brotherhood is a sacred entity. And with everything that is sacred, it has a fundamental purpose of changing or destroying one’s life. Growing up, you are convinced that love was wired in the blood- perhaps the same hook of a nose or spread of forehead. But then as you grow into yourself and navigate the overwhelming adult world, you find out that it is more than the similarity of your looks. That you have survived the worst because your brother was there to give a hug, to wait outside while you cried over a hurt, to give you space to not get lost in but to breathe well again, and then, if you are lucky, to tell you that his life has a purpose because you are in it with him.

Creative Credits

Styled and shot by Adebayo Oke Lawal in all Orange Culture pieces.

Creative Director’s Note: Special tribute to my amazing brother Abisoye Oke Lawal for always supporting me.