Artist's Statement

by Jennifer Nnamani

This piece, shot in the era of COVID, is titled Harmattan. In creating this work, I dug deep and took a trip down memory lane to my favourite season growing up in Nigeria called Harmattan. I remember this time fondly because it is filled with festivities, including the celebration of Christmas.


Christmas is a pretty big deal in Nigeria. Parents go all out for their children to make sure they are dressed for all the parties/bazaars, masquerade events, and other church activities that require you to be in your “Sunday best.”


The colours that painted our beautiful village and the familiar wood smoke from my paternal grandmother’s kitchen that greeted the fresh early morning air, will always be my favourite part of growing up in Nigeria

Creative Credits

Model: @mangbe
Photographer: Jason Gerrard / @cosmicinsanity
Hair Artist: Soleita Kabwasa / @soleitak
MUA: @ronyca

Creative Direction: Jennifer Nnamani / @j.i.nnamani
Assistant: Jasmine Shields / @jasmine_shields

Wardrobe: Jennifer Nnamani / @j.i.nnamani
Set Design & Art Direction: Jennifer Nnamani / @j.i.nnamani
Shot For : @beaumondesociety