Growth - Godiva Omoruyi


Depicting Fruits/Life showing its original essence from God without being altered by man, this body of work was born in search of simplicity. Every fruit used was somewhat intentional for a personal reason. Fruit served as a representation of the transient nature of our existence.

Uyai - Godiva Omoruyi
Beautiful Realization - Godiva Omoruyi
Concordia - Godiva Omoruyi
Melon - Godiva Omoruyi

About the Artist

Godiva Omoruyi (b. 1999, Lagos, Nigeria) is a Multi-talented artist Photographer, Melanin Activist and inspiring Film Director. He is the founder and creative director of 4THFINGER STUDIOS. Godiva’s artwork showcases the beauty in human diversity, self-love, love, self-identity, and the beauty of dark skin . His approach to art is a testament to his endless yearning for self-expression.

Creative Credits



@iam_dona( Uyai)

@iam_dona (Beautiful Realization)

Photography: @4thfingerstudios