“Fò” is a creole adjective derived from the French word “Fort” which means “courageous” or  “strong”. Through this project, I invite your gaze to travel on my visual compositions which portrays strength and weakness.


About the Artist

Communicating through words has never been Gaelle’s strong suit. However, after being introduced to the art world by her father and sister she has been able to express herself in many different and creative ways. Submerged by this buffet of artistic tools, Gaelle Séjour decided to follow her passion by studying visual arts at Moncton University, Canada.


She then moved to Montreal to finish her major in photography at Marsan College of Photography. Needless to say, photography was the branch to which she clung the most. It allowed her to express her thoughts, feelings and the energy released by the elements of her surroundings and community in images. It has greatly contributed to her personal development by helping her get out of her cocoon and providing comfort to her when needed.

Creative Credits

Photography by Gaëlle Séjour / @ewa_haiti @kanelle14

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