Using an array of colours on the models which is, in turn, made even more prominent by the blue background, Faceless evokes a feeling of ‘being’. We can all be lost in a sea of faces yet feel faceless but that does not mean that we cannot connect or make an impact.

Creative Credits

Creative Direction: Tayo Kuku / @TayoJr  + Araba Ankuma / @Arabaankuma

Direction: Alioune Badara Fall 🇸🇳 / @Aliounebf &  Friday / @Balangnyal

Stylist: Araba Ankuma / @Arabaankuma

Assistant: Da Goobz / @ Sarahgubz


Styled In

IN STUDIO tags – @ignaciazordan (FRIDAY) & @toddodlham (ALIOUNE)

OUTDOOR tags – @alioune @ysl & @gmbh_official