The Yoruba borrowed the word “danshiki” from the Hausa term “dan ciki”, which means “underneath”. Dashíkí is used to refer to the loose-fitting pullover, a functional work tunic for men, comfortable enough to wear in the heat. The Dashíkí has moved beyond style to functionality.


This body of work (Dashíkí) is a part of the “In Color and Harmony Series” which features unique pieces from an imaginative state of a colourful and harmonious world, exploring beings who significantly, are wearing African motifs and patterns, heavy jewellery and vibrant colours. Dressed up to identify indifference.

About the Artist

Lawal Mayowa was born in August 2002 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a multi-genre artist, building on the romance between art, style, and color by bringing captivating concepts to life in the form of uniquely instinctive and surreal art experiences.

He explores the relationship between these diverse entities, leveraging his background as a model in his utilization of objects and muses in his creative process. His artistic concepts are synthesized from both traditional and modern styles, reflected in the versatility of his subjects from their application to their fashion and color choices.

Creative Credits

Designs by Mayowa Lawal @lawalmayor

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