Creative DNA 2.0 Kenya: A new programme supporting and showcasing 20 of Kenya’s most exciting new fashion and accessories talents, such as standout emerging talents Metamorphisized, LUXATRA and TUG.


For this programme, acclaimed photographer Maganga Mwagogo and stylist Dwayne Kenzie teamed up to create three exclusive photoshoots. Titled ‘Identity’ these visionary shoots investigate what personal identity and freedom means in a post-Covid world.


Fashion has always had a strong impact on the community, serving as a canvas for expression and
exploration of identities. It has for generations revolutionized stereotypical norms in societies and
communities, pushing what is deemed as “normal” to new dimensions, sometimes raising eyebrows on its journey. 

First Photoshoot

This photoshoot juxtaposes the ever-flowing quest for identity and self-expression with its visual power, using fashion as form of communication and a true form of art. How we represent the contradictions and ourselves in everyday life is inevitably intertwined with fashion, it’s continual constructions and reconstruction.

Second Photoshoot

Celebrating the energy of Nairobi, the second photoshoot explores the youthful skate culture of this city. Maganga, Dwayne and their creative team capture the vibrant colours of the Shangilia Mtoto skate park – strongly communicating the vibrancy of this city, its creative scene, its identity.

Third Photoshoot

The final shoot provides a more polished vision of Nairobi. Celebrating the international sophistication and glamour also found in the city, it is shot as the sun sets on the roof terrace of the high tech co-working space, Kofisi 9, Nairobi.

Creative Credits

Photography: @maganga.mwagogo/ Maganga Mwagogo
Styling: @___dwaynekenzie/ Dwayne Kenzie
Creative Direction: @maganga.mwagogo @___dwaynekenzie
Hair and makeup: @jamiekimani
Models: @babi_akinyi @abotphoebe