The Weight Of Freedom is a sister series to The Pursuit, both presented by Haitian photographer, Vladim Vilain. Both series explore themes of unfolding and revelation under slightly different lenses.


The Pursuit depicts the process of an individual coming into themselves. It is a meditation on the constant search for integrity and honesty resulting in the expression of truth in emotions and identity.


The Weight Of Freedom is an exploration of a single point in time taking place at the end of The Pursuit. Where the individual finally carries the weight of responsibility attained throughout this quest. It is a brief moment of realization triggering another pursuit, which in turn creates a never ending cycle in an individual’s life.

Vladim Vilain is a photographer from Port-au-Prince, Haiti currently based in Montreal, Canada. His work is motivated by the idea that photography is a perpetual ongoing research and practice of refined perception and visual language. He is heavily influenced by the literary and cultural aesthetic of Afrofuturism with a focus on identity.

Creative Credits

Photography/Art Direction: Vladim Vilain / @vladimvilain

Model: Matt / @pxpifrl
Wings: Le Grand Costumier / @grandcostumier
Jewelry: Yris Jewelry /