The KYF! Invitational is a series of 8 videos. As the name suggests, this is an invitation to collaborate, initiated by the members of KYF!. The concept is original: each artist presents a composition of their choice with the constraint of integrating a traditional African instrument. From this proposal, the musicians of KYF! create an afro-electro instrumental piece.

Please enjoy this performance of “Mammaki” by Bako featuring Emilie Le Pont

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Creative Credits

The KYF! Invitational
“Mammaki” by Bako

Guest: Emilie Le Pont

Recorded live at @atabal_biarritz

Arranged by @kyftheband

Synths, loops: Kevin Bucquet / @koothumusic

Drums: Fred Faure / @fredfaure

Art direction, editing: Youri Fernandez

DOP: Jérémy Hugues / @jeremy_hugues

Set design: Sarah Brousse-Martinez / @moodofmartz

Sound (live): Olivier Debas / @olivierdebas

Mix: Niels Breton / @bryton_beats

Light: Fabrice Darlas (FAX)


Creative Credits

Produced by Dômes Studio / @domes_studio

Co-produced by
Atabal Biarritz / @atabal_biarritz, 
Scène aux Champs / @sceneauxchamps

The KYF Invitational project is supported by
Centre National de la Musique / @le_cnm, Cultures Connectées / @region_nouvelle_aquitaine, Office Artistique Nouvelle Aquitaine / @oara.nouvelleaquitaine

KYF! is also supported by
Communauté d’Agglomération Pays-Basque
Cie Lézards Qui Bougent Fabrik Théâtre Opéra / @lezardsquibougent
Catach / @catach_culture