Two soldiers are resting by the shore during a brutal war, leading one of the soldiers to contemplate his existence and imagine a reality different from his own.


The film, False Dawn, is a story about trauma and, in a sense, finding a way to tear that wall down and seeing what’s on the other side. Based on the poem “False Dawn” by Joshua Smith. 

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Creative Credits

Production: / Altar Productions

Writer: @twilightprince2008 / Joshua Smith

Director: @timi.faderin / Oluwatimilehin O. Faderin

DOP: @immanuel.powell

1st AD: @amaiya_siler

NS/HC: @twilightprince2008

FS/FM: @kwizkwiz

Moors Cast: @kaadeeem, @jiyathemodel,

1st AC: @deannaxnicole

Creative Credits

2nd AC: @ayesydnoodle

Acting Coach: @kaadeeem

Grips: @erickamusau, @sam.laine

Boom OP: @maybeitsatyrell

Costume Designer/Stylist: @elitheseamstress

Wardrobe Assist: @okoye.__

Make-up Artist: @miy.oshiiii

Editor: @timi.faderin

Re-Recordist: @sudo.x32

Music: @deeb_ryan