I am Siphelele, A warrior, Princess, Nubian goddess, I represent every woman who’s ever been made to believe that because she’s female she can’t be certain things and she has to conform! I have no limits, You have no limits, I am Sipelele I am complete. I am woman. Siphelele We are complete.

  • Concept: Retaune Jerry-Riman
  • Model: Retaune Jerry-Riman
  • Script: Helen Ighalo
  • Stylist: Retaune Jerry-Riman
  • Voiceover: Retaune Jerry-Riman
  • Voiceover producer: Gem Uduma
  • Director: Agbontaen Praise
  • Videographer: Agbontaen Praise
  • Editor: Agbontaen Praise
  • Song: “Anthem” by @_michaelabels and “Beast Of No Nation” by Fela Kuti

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