Founded in 2015 by Tunde Owolabi, Ethnik has craftly woven the traditional with the modern by focusing on making the beauty that is așǫ oke accessible to the fashion-forward individual. The essence of the brand’s philosophy is to produce sustainable fashion accessories that are uniquely Afrocentric. Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultures of Africa, and in particular that of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, Ethnik tells our stories to the world through patterns and colors woven into beautiful fabrics.

Beyond accessibility and creating fashionable pieces, Ethnik is about promoting culture and giving back to the community. At its core the brand believes sustenance is the key to preserving heritage. To this end, its social responsibility initiative involves investing in local artisans by creating an enabling environment where they can continue to weave the așǫ oke fabrics based on traditional methods and using the skills passed down through generations.