A classical pianist from the age of 4, Dolapo Akinkugbe, “DAP The Contract“, grew up primarily hearing Nigerian gospel, hi-life music and the classic oldies of Motown Records. The soul sample production of early Kanye West was the first music to catch his eye. Ironically, despite the global hits of the early 2000s such as Candy Shop by 50 Cent and Eminem classics, it wasn’t until attending boarding school in the U.K. that he fell in love with HipHop music, delving deeper into the genre at a pivotal time with Lil Wayne on an unprecedented run and Young Money starting to take form.

DAP is a jack of all trades. His music reflects the full spectrum of emotions we go through as human beings, and the full variety of rhythms and sounds from across various parts of the globe he has lived in for extended periods, such as Lagos, Nigeria, London, U.K. and New York City. He credits his passion and love for music with his insistence on ownership of his masters, an over-protectiveness that he sees as both a gift and a curse.