If i stayed too long in 1975 , maybe i would forget too soon what the carnation revolution felt like…. opening doors and serving rich white guests as they spilled secrets about a war yet to come. Playing the dutiful role of a lobby boy across these old vintage landmarks.

Come quick boy! More sugar please! too much powder you think?. Wearing my beret and patching my thoughts and responding just as i had been taught polite but never my true opinion.

It was indeed a perfect system holding coats and tucking in the richest within the society, glamorous evenings standing in the shadows being present yet invincible. This was probably all i could ever be a shadow listening and watching the society build up to a revolution.

But its all gone now isn’t it …. i have no idea where i am today, maybe in politics that much i had learnt about, medicine! perhaps, the war left a lot of broken bones or in Religion playing the role of a comforter and memorizing scriptures that inspire hope, possibly i could be in the grave and all these nothing but memories so hard to forget.

Words : Daniel Obasi

Creative direction and Styling: Daniel Obasi
Photography: Ogoh clement
Model: Alashe Olanrewaju Hector 

Designers: Maxivive

Curated by Urbane Coven