Gifts of Nature is a homage to  Africa. Africa is the wealthiest continent in the world in terms of natural resources. Many countries in Africa contain rich reserves of valuable minerals like tantalum, diamonds, gold, bauxite and copper, as well as other valuable commodities like cocoa, oil, rubber and timber. Conflict and violence over these resources have become increasingly prominent features of the global landscape.

Creative Credits

Creative Direction: Melissa Zibi

Photography: Violeta Sofia / @VioletaSofia

Model: Tenika Mahoney / @IamTenika @20ModelManagement

Fashion stylist:  @cmacam

Jewellery stylist: Cecile Essono / @modebycece

Make up: Olamide Fetuga / @OlamideFetuga

Hair: Michelle Djoukouo / @touchedbymishka